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Diagnose aortic valve disease

How to diagnose narrowing of the aortic valve?
Usually it takes a long time for the condition to cause symptoms. The most frequent symptoms occur gradually, breathing difficulty, chest pain, dizziness and fainting, especially on exertion. Previous rheumatic fever is an important piece of information.

A physical examination is heard a murmur over the heart in the pumping phase (sound not normally be present). The sound propagates the neck vessels, that the doctor can hear the murmur of the arteries in the neck. Cardiac shock to the chest wall can be stronger than normal.

Flap error can thus be detected by this murmur long before you notice that something is wrong.

bicuspid aortic valve diagnosis

Other studies
ECG (preparation of the heart's electrical activity) can show rotation of the heart's electrical axis, thickening of the heart muscle and / or block the electrical impulse line. None of these findings are evidence against the existence of aortic stenosis. Radiographs of the chest can show calcium in heart valve and ev. broad root in the aorta. Ultrasound of the heart is the most important examination, echocardiography, and this also provides information regarding the severity of the stricture. Radiographs Preparation of cardiac arteries may as well be necessary before an operation.

How is long-term prospect by narrowing of the aortic valve?
The condition is detected by random discovery of murmur, or symptoms. If untreated the condition may progress to heart failure within a few years. Heart failure may develop suddenly or gradually. Many people develop chest pain on exertion (angina or angina pectoris ). Complications can be fainting, exertional chest pain, heart failure and cardiac arrest.

If you get diagnosed early - before symptoms set in - you can operate before flap error getting done greater damage. After surgery, you will be healthy, and the life is roughly equal to that of peer people. The risk of complications during surgery is nowadays very small.

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