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What triggers a question forkammerrytme?

The electric signals that control the contractions of the heart, occurs normally in a center in the heart's right atrium, called "SA node." Occasionally, other areas in the anterior chamber trigger electrical signals and "outperform" SA node for a period. This can only occur when these signals are faster than the signals from the SA node. The result is that the upper chambers and the heart beats faster - there are attacks of supraventricular tachycardia.

Often we do not know what triggers attacks with quick forkammerrytme. Usually, there are enough changes in the heart, but heart rate can also be affected by nerve signals to the heart and hormones in the blood.

Most people who suffer from an abnormal heart rhythm, live normal lives without any restrictions. However, some may also have underlying heart disease as the cause of the phenomenon. Seizures with rapid forkammerrytme can affect everyone from healthy children and adolescents to the elderly with heart disease.

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