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What is the extrasystoles?

Extrasystoles is the term for extra heartbeat that comes between two normal heartbeats. However, it is often perceived as the heart skip a beat.

The explanation is that such an impact comes before the ventricles have had time to be filled with blood after a normal heartbeat. There is little blood is pumped out of the heartbeat.

Heartbeat feels weak, if at all know it. Extra layer followed by a pause and during this time, the ventricles are filled with more than the usual amount of blood.

Pumping of more blood from the ventricle causes the next heart beat to feel more powerful than normal. And it is this powerful heartbeat to register as "palpitations."

what is ventricular extrasystoles

Many people can sometimes feel a random extra stroke. They involve very seldom a serious problem and is perceived as a normal phenomenon.

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