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Medical treatment of the rapid heartbeat

Many different mechanisms may be the cause of your rapid heart rate, which also means that there are many ways to restore normal heart rhythm on. If you have low blood pressure, chest pain or a deteriorating heart condition that is considered unstable and should be treated in a hospital, maybe you need an electric shock to restore normal rhythm.

Emergency Treatment
If the doctor finds that your health is stable, he or she can try the following:

Have you tried to hold your breath, or cough, if necessary? Tightening the abdominal muscles (see above)
Provide gentle massage to the neck. This is a measure that should only be performed by health personnel and under controlled condition.

A variety of medications can slow your heart. This collection is usually right in the bloodstream (intravenously)
Subsequent treatment in the acute phase
If the medicine does not have effect, or rapid transition to a normal rhythm is regarded as important, the so-called cardioversion (electrical surge) performed under general anesthesia may be an alternative.

Long-term treatment
If you have frequent and serious attacks, and medical help, you can use such medication to prevent seizures. There are several different medications for this purpose. If it turns out that the medicine does not help, or you have serious side effects of medication, you should be referred to a specialist to evaluate radiofrequency ablation.

Radiofrequency ablation
If the rapid heart rate caused by abnormal electrical rhythm centers or paths in your heart, it may be necessary to "burn off" those points / pathways in the heart. This is done by passing a catheter through the arteries and heart, only to destroy just the small points that cause the irregular heartbeats by burning them with a brief electric shock. This is usually done under local anesthesia.

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