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Interview about children and cancer

Most children with cancer are cured.
- For parents with children who have had cancer, it is to have healthy children top the happiness, says Prof. Svein Kolmannskog.

For 50 years, there were few children who survived, if they had a cancer today, 75-80 percent of children who get cancer, fresh.

- Cancer in children is very rare. Nordic data show that one in 435 children or adolescents get cancer before the age of 15. The distributions of children's cancers are completely different than in adults receiving cancer.

A third is blood cancer, about a quarter are gliomas, 10 percent have lymphoma; 6-7 per cent receive kidney cancer, and fewer have kidney cancer or bone cancer.

children and cancer statistics

A few percent gets cancer of the soft parts, while the retinal cancer (retinoblastoma) represents less than one percent of all cancer cases, says Svein Kolmannskog (pictured), professor and section chief of Child and Youth Clinic at St. Olav's Hospital.

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