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How can I live with an implanted defibrillator?

Most likely you can resume a normal life after the procedure. You can be physically active, working, having sex. The first four weeks after surgery, however, you should avoid heavy physical activity, heavy lifting, participation in contact sports.

Problems with the AED as a result of interference with other electrical items, is rare.

  • It is recommended however that you avoid placing an enabled mobile phone closer than approx. 15 cms from the AED. It is advantageous to hold the phone to the opposite ear, and not have it in your jacket / belt at the side of the AED is located. Remember that it is just as active when you do not speak it.
  • In airport security, the AED will trigger the alarm. You should therefore be provided with proof that you have a defibrillator.
  • Hand-held metal detectors may interfere with the AED. Such scans should be run for less than 30 seconds in the area above the starter.
  • MRI may influence the AED, and the physician must consider carefully whether an MRI is feasible.
  • Hold at least a distance of 0.5 m from the power generators.

Microwave ovens, TVs, remote controls, radios, MP3 players, electric blankets, electric shavers and electric drills involve little or no risk.

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