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What causes the superior vena cava syndrome?

Lung cancer is responsible for 65-85% of all cases, followed by non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and spread to the lung from other cancers. Non-cancer diseases are rare causes (10%) and include benign tumors, ballooning of the aorta, an enlarged thyroid gland and / or goiter, blood clots, indwelling (Indwelling) catheter and scar in the chest cavity after radiation therapy previously, frequent causes of sequelae of syphilis and tuberculosis.

Vena cava superior syndrome is rare in children. The reason is in the vast majority of these cases are not cancer, but related to the treatment of such a congenital heart disease.

What is the prognosis?
Survival in patients with superior vena cava syndrome depends on the underlying disease. Patients with symptoms and signs of swelling around the vocal cords and swelling in the brain has the most life-threatening signs of the syndrome and needs prompt treatment.

Studies show that among those with superior vena cava syndrome, about 10% of patients with lung cancer and 45% of patients with lymphoma who irradiated, live at least 30 months. Untreated patients with hepatic vena cava superior syndrome only in ca. 30 days.

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