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TIA Stroke Causes

The cause of a TIA-seizure is a transient reduction of blood supply to part of your brain. Most seizures last only a few minutes.

A TIA attack occurred in the same way as a stroke caused by a blood clot in the brain (a stroke). This is the most common form of stroke (in contrast to opposed to stroke). Blood clots blocking blood flow to part of the brain. However, contrary to what is happening at a stroke, in which brain tissue loses blood supply over a longer period and results in fixed brain damage, resulting usually not a TIA-attack in permanent damage. Even so, one cannot be completely assured that no TIA-attack can also cause permanent damage to the brain. Therefore, one should not ignore a TIA-attack.

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The underlying cause of the TIA is usually atherosclerosis, cholesterol-containing deposits (atherosclerosis), inside the blood vessels (arteries) that provide oxygen and nutrient supply to the brain. Atherosclerosis leads to narrowing of blood vessels, which in turn may result in the formation of a clot. In some cases, the clot formed elsewhere, most commonly in the heart or blood vessels of the neck. Blood clots in blood flow when the flow until it plugs stuck in a vein that is so tight that the blood clot cannot pass.

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