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Renal artery stenosis how is the diagnosis?

It is usually more studies being done to detect renal artery stenosis. Initially, it is typically taken blood tests, among other things, to see if you have elevated levels of the hormone's renin and aldosterone, and to assess renal function.

In addition, there are different methods to investigate the narrow area is. Among the most commonly used options is angiography, an X-ray examination in which the renal artery is produced by contrast dye. Other possibilities are the so-called Capote test. Besides, ultrasound, MRI and CT used to assess blood flow through the renal artery.

How is renal artery stenosis?
Large renal artery stenosis often required treatment. The aim of treatment is to prevent serious kidney damage and to reduce blood pressure. Treatment best depends in part on whether the narrow area due to muscle overgrowth or calcium deposits. The size of the narrow area, and where it is also important.

Often it is necessary to antihypertensive medications. Some people with atherosclerosis may benefit from cholesterol-lowering medications (statins). The drugs cannot remove the narrow area, but reduces the risk of serious sequelae.

In some so-called balloon expansion (PTRA), have a good effect. The method is relatively simple and painless, and is that a thin tube is inserted into the groin artery and from there into the renal artery, narrow area where it can be expanded from the inside.

In a few it may be necessary with larger operations.

How are long-term prospects?
The outlook depends on the narrow area do.

People with muscle contractions usually have very good prognosis and are small problems. Many people recover completely after balloon expansion.

Older person with calcium deposits in many parts of the body is achieved not always benefit from such treatment, and therefore, have an increased risk of kidney damage and problems due to high blood pressure. For the elderly it is important to try to eat healthy and stay fit. Medications can prevent later problems in some people.

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