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Osler's disease How is the diagnosis?

The diagnosis is based on medical history, and the findings made by an examination of you. The most common symptom is nasal bleeding, which often occurs without any provocation, and that constantly repeats itself. The suspicion of the disease is strengthened if there are other cases in the family. On investigation, there may be minor changes (increases) in the blood vessels in the typical places such as lips, mouth, fingers, nose. In rare but severe cases, the condition is detected through the discovery of the blood vessels in the lungs, liver, brain, spinal cord.

In some give extensions of the small blood vessels rødblå mole-like skin changes experienced cosmetic nuisance. Bleeding from the changes inside the body, eg. in the gastrointestinal tract, is rarely great, but can lead to blood deficiency (anemia). Patients with Osler's disease have higher frequency of migraine

, besides the visual disturbances (aura, warning about the attack) without headaches.

Usually, there is no need for further investigation, but occasionally it because of complications may be necessary to make image studies (X-ray, CT, MRI).

Referral to a specialist is in most cases not required. The diagnosis is usually easy to set, and preventive care is of little relevance. However, the annoying (nose) bleeding may be due to direct you.

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