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Infectious Colitis Diet

I would have rather had to titrate "colitis" events are so varied and numerous from simple irritation colon via the infectious colitis, spastic colitis, enterocolitis. This is an infection or irritation of the small intestine and colon.

One can observe diarrhea, constipation, sometimes alternating both, bloating, pain, etc. ...

Colitis may be infectious and caused by staphylococci, for example, the Escherichia coli in travelers' diarrhea, various viruses or fungi. However, it can equally well be chronic and cause much more serious complications, of colon cancer, Crohn's disease, diverticulosis, etc. ...

The causes are very numerous but especially food, which is due to irritation depending on the resistance of each food aggressive. If you eat too much salad and mix it in an environment extremely disturbed, charged with decaying meat products, in an intestine where there is already a continuously decaying, it is not surprising that a food which would normally bring us health, produced an explosive mixture and also eventually become very assertive.

Add to that a large dose of anxiety, stress, disrupting the digestive functions, and you will develop the appropriate ground for you as a small colitis which will poison life. Abdominal pain appeared, diarrhea or constipation, bloating, hemorrhoids possible, etc. ... And a simple observation can understand the importance of the nervous system on intestinal function. Personally, I am not particularly quiet, and I feel the impact of anxiety before an event I do not quite control. Before a running example, and even if I'm more a mountain of the event, there is diarrhea. Young people before an exam, it's the same. There is no denying the impact on the nervous system functioning colon.

post-infectious colitis diet


  • In a crisis we must avoid all foods that can be harmful to the intestinal mucosa. Raw vegetables, fruits, concerning particularly those acids, raw vegetables, all dairy, all sugar products, processed meats, no strong spices and condiments (pepper, mustard, vinegar, etc. ...). Furthermore, avoid starchy vegetables and all usually difficult to digest such as spinach, cabbage. If possible avoid fat. Eat cooked fruits, whole or stewed, cooked carrots, potatoes, rice, ham, fish in court bouillon, boiled eggs.

The pain is caused by smooth muscle spasm of the bowel. And it is the gas accumulated in the intestine that caused them. A hydrotherapy hot on the distressful part will give the painful spasm by relaxing the smooth muscles.

  • After the crisis it is time to rethink the causes that have led to colitis. Practice relaxation and remove all the subjects of stress. In food to be grown quiet at mealtimes, food and chew a lot, of course, choose.
  • CLAY is sovereign to relieve colitis, and it will not hesitate to make a cure of drinkable clay a teaspoon to a glass of water for the morning on an empty stomach for a good fortnight. This is an excellent dressing for your inflamed mucous membranes.
  • If you want to disinfect the gastric environment, please consider making a mono-diet. This mono-diet can be made ​​from juice MYRTILLES example, which is a very effective intestinal disinfectant. I can be replaced one day by this mono-diet feeding or simply in place of a meal for several days.

This can be done with mono-diet of uncooked cabbage juice, which is also a healing for the damaged mucosa. This raw cabbage juice can be taken before meals (or better instead), for example, a 1/2 glass before meals 3.

If you prefer a little more solid as you can make mono-diet with a meal raw apple. Such, or on a couple of days, you replace one meal and fresh apples for several days.
The mono-diet of watery vegetables is also excellent - salads, carrots, turnips, spinach, leeks, green beans, etc. ... these vegetables are consumed preferably cooked.

  • A course of POLLEN is entirely appropriate one tablespoon in the morning fasting, for example.
  • MAGNESIUM is an antiseptic, anti fermentescible and facilitates digestion. So be careful not to be deficient in magnesium.
  • Plants may be indicated based on symptoms: Aloe vera, garlic, angelica, arnica, basil, mullein, chamomile, poppy, lavender, marjoram, mallow, lemon balm, mint, nettle, rosemary, pine, sage, time, Linden.
  • The grape seed extracted for its action on blood circulation in this zone may also be interesting, as the grapefruit seed extracted if infection or irritation characterized.
  • Gemmotherapy - Buds of FICUS CARICA glycerol macerated D1 - 20 to 80 drops 10 minutes before lunch with a little water.
  • A word also about macrobiotics that in this case can be very interesting. At first, it may seem aggressive to the intestinal mucosa, but if you know does and continues on this diet can enable you to regenerate the power, and the health of your intestine's peristalsis will be regularized, and no rot will not maintain an infectious condition.

ALOE: Medication and flatulent acute colitis, chronic colitis or at least repeated, incontinence of stool or the congestive liver flatulent. It is preponderant if watery stools, with compelling production of much gas. Acute drug problems so it will take in low dilutions, 5CH 3 or four pellets three times a day.

CHAMOMILLA: It is the patient whose colitis is caused by irritation of the nervous system. irritable bowel syndrome. Chamomile is a good drug nervous system and is recommended for children. Chamomilla is the drug of unruly children and irritable.

Nux vomica: Against antiperistaltic muscle spasm's spinal excitability and hypersensitivity with general, physical and mental.

CHELIDONIUM: Alternating diarrhea and constipation in a liver.
Ant: These are the acute or episodic digestive upsets bloating and pressure in the stomach and abdomen.

CANTHARIS - This is the acute enterocolitis with diarrhea dysenteriform; the stools are pale and hot, scanty and not foul with bloody mucus and membranous followed by burns to the anus.

If there is mucomembranous enteritis: Aloe compound, argentum nitricum, colchicum, China

If there are bloody stools: Mercurius corrosivus, NuxVomica, Nit Acidum.

The mother tincture of Sanguisorba officinalis - Great Burnet - This is an anti-diarrheic of choice, with astringent action. Especially when the stools are sanguinolentis. The action is excellent in acute colitis and dysentery. Half hour, take 30 drops in a tablespoon of red wine or water.

  • MANGANESE - copper and sulfur which is recommended in 75% of cases (left and sigmoid colitis)
  • MANGANESE - COBALT and colitis in SULPHUR straight.
  • CARBON - Carbon is the anti-infection of the gastrointestinal tract.

The HYSOPE: It Probalance intestinal microflora, tones the digestive, stomachic, carminative, resolve stasis and various bottlenecks, opposes the proliferation of different pathogens. Two drops three times daily (not more, in high doses it would epileptisante)

NIAOULI: General antiseptic, gasoline niaouli thins the colloids and prevents their formation disinfectant of the intestinal tract, urinary and bronchial useful in colitis, dysentery, enteritis.

PALMAROSA: It exerts an action on the intestinal flora known pathogen, especially E. coli, Eberth's bacillus, the dysentery bacillus. It is used against enteritis, diarrhea, colitis - 2 to three drops in honey or lemon juice 3-5 times a day.

ROSEMARY: The main indications of Rosemary essential oil is probably fatigue both physical and intellectual, with memory problems and decreases morale. However, it is also excellent against enteric infections, digestive problems and fatigue liver. It is antitoxic and opposes abnormal fermentations and intestinal debacles. It is an indisputable ally to the liver by increasing bile secretion and bile duct by increasing the outflow of bile from the intestine.

SAVORY: It is powerful broad-spectrum antibacterial action, antiviral and immune stimulant, antifungal and anti parasitic, and at the same time it is general tonic nervous, circulatory, digestive and sexual. It is used against dyspepsia, stomach ache, intestinal debacles, intestinal spasms, gas, bloating, colitis.

SAUG E: This is an excellent tonic for both tracts (liver, stomach), soothing the pains of rheumatism, helping fight against nervous fatigue, excessive sweating, depression, respiratory infections and menstrual irregularities. And with it still means to save (salvia). It is antispasmodic, astringent, anti-toxic, healing; it energizes the adrenal cortex, so the overall condition. It has property's hormonal women, and regulates the rules inadequate in the hepatisme, colitis, food poisoning in the case before us today.

TURPENTINE: This is an intestinal antiseptic; antispasmodic bile calculations that dissolve, releasing the intestine. When you want to create an abscess fixing to cause a diversion of toxins outward, thereby relieving an overcrowded area, just to inject a 3cc, and it causes an aseptic suppuration. There are the energetic branches of toxemia through that door open artificially. It's painful, so use on subjects with good vitality and with reaction's self-defense correct. However, it can take internally at 1 to three drops six times a day against flatulence, intestinal parasites, obstinate constipation, dysentery, colitis, appendicitis.

THYME: Thyme essential oil is a powerful disinfectant and a general stimulant of first order. It can advocate in all intestinal infections, flatulence, dyspepsia, bad breath, gas and intestinal parasites, diarrhea, dysentery, colitis, etc. ... It is appetizing, stomachic, antispasmodic, choleretic, anti-inflammatory, antitoxic, intestinal disinfectant.

VERBENA: It is stomachic, antispasmodic, analgesic and cleansing. Under his influence, the digestion is more active because of a greater quantity of gastric juice, the stools become more regular, decrease constipation. It stops the intestinal debacles. It can be used against dyspepsia, flatulence, sluggish stomach, enteritis, diarrhea, dysentery, colitis, abdominal distension, among others, etc. ...

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