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Mental evaluation of nursing care is necessary to know the patient's emotional feelings. It also measures the patient's cognitive functioning. The nurse will ask questions and take the examination to find the patient's mental health. The nurse assesses the patient by assessing mood, thinking, behavior, reasoning, memory and the capability of the patient so that she/he will know to what extent the patient can articulate herself. Sometimes the mental evaluation also requires laboratory tests such as urine tests or blood tests. Mental evaluation of nursing care must be performed by a nurse, psychiatrist, social worker, physician or psychologist.

Mental evaluation of nursing care is done by checking the related mental-health problems such as depression, anxiety, Alzheimer's disease, anorexia nervosa, schizophrenia and depression. To perform the evaluation of nursing care, nurses must have experience on the field of pharmacology and mental illness. For mental evaluation, the nurses will try to understand how patients may respond or resolve difficulties. The nurse should question the patient who may consist of a physical examination and tests, oral or written. During the interview of the patient, the nurse must pay attention to details on how the patient behaves to ask questions.

nursing mental health assessment

Mood changes as the patient will be measured and recorded by the nurse in the assessment of nursing. Mental evaluation of nursing care can be a physical examination, and the doctor will go through the patient's medical history and prescription drugs taken by the patient. The nurse will test the balance, reflexes and senses such as touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing the patient to see if there are all sorts of anomalies in the behavior and mental health of the patient. Mental evaluation tests also include laboratory tests of urine or blood as well. CT, EEG and MRI are performed in cases of suspected problems in the nervous system. Toxicological screening levels, thyroid function tests and electrolyte are made to determine other issues.

Mental evaluation of nursing also included written or oral examination in which the patient must answer questions loudly or by writing answers on paper. The response in the patient is evaluated and scored by the nurse. Most questionnaires consist of 20-30 questions that are in the format or Off. Mainly questions deal with specific problems such as cognitive function to the individual. Evaluation of the patient's day of eating, drinking, shopping, banking, or dressing, to determine what kind of daily activities may cause. Cases of more extensive tests are performed at a tremendous it also dealings the aptitude to act in crisis situations. The types of depressions are also evaluated to determine the extent of disease so that specific treatment can be provided.

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