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Disturbances in body perception after stroke

Brain Injury After Stroke

At a stroke, a part of the brain becomes permanently damaged, and this part to fail. Since any area of ​​the brain has specific tasks, one can therefore predict what features are lost. Lesions in the right hemisphere will result in the left body half; the damage to the left hemisphere will result in the right body half. Lesions in the left hemisphere will be able to provide speech and language difficulties.

Usually, we associate a stroke with paralysis of the muscles. There may be paralysis of half the body, in an arm or a leg. Some will also have difficulty in speaking or in understanding what is being said to them. Others are mentally impaired because the centers who control our thoughts and knowledge, are destroyed.

stroke recovery

Many are also disturbances in body perception, which can give quite strange effects. It is important to know this because that otherwise could easily believe that this is a "game" of the patient. However, the patient cannot help it. The explanation is that the centers of the brain that controls our body's opinion, is put out of function. The most common disturbance in body perception is described in technical term's apraxia, neglect, anosognosi.

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