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Chronic Dehydration Children

The risk of dehydration is very high in children because their body is composed of more than 70% water. Generally, main causes are infectious diseases.

Foremost, there is gastroenteritis that causes diarrhea associated with fever and vomiting. Other causes are fewer common diseases such as severe digestive: peritonitis or bowel obstruction can cause serious dehydration by water accumulation in the peritoneum or intestines. From the start of dehydration, it is essential to propose very often drink to your child, several times an hour, and as soon as possible consult his pediatrician.

causes chronic dehydration children

True or False
Chronic dehydration is dangerous?
TRUE: Chronic dehydration is harmful to the skin, kidneys, liver, joints and muscles. Furthermore, it can cause cholesterol problems, headaches, lower blood pressure, fatigue and constipation.

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