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Infarction of the bowel

What is bowel infarction?
All tissues in the body depend on the continuous and stable supply of oxygen, and the oxygen is transported in the blood. If it gets too little blood, and thus as well brief oxygen to an area of ​​the body, developed signs of oxygen deficiency. This can result in loss of function or pain. If it becomes a full stop of the blood supply, it will cause the area received its supply of oxygen through the blood vessel dies. At the heart is called angina when blood supply is so small that it causes pain, and heart attack when blood flow stops completely a stop in a blood vessel to the brain leading to stroke, also known as stroke. If one of the major arteries to the intestine becomes clogged, a section of the intestine developed signs of oxygen deficiency, and eventually dies if you do not have time to deal with this quickly enough. This is known as intestinal infarction.

How frequently is this?
In contrast to myocardial infarction and ischemic stroke is the intestine a rare condition. The gut has a very good and diverse blood supply. If a vein is damaged, it is adjacent veins that can take over the job. Moreover, it appears that the artery of the intestine is more robust and resistant to atherosclerosis is the cause of diseases of the heart and brain. It might be because the gut trimmer many times a day?

Bowel Infarction occurs primarily in elderly people who are weakened by another disease, and who also have atherosclerosis disease in other parts of the body.

infarction of the colon

What are the symptoms?
The disease usually occurs with intense acute pain in the stomach. Nausea and vomiting accompany the pain, and after a relatively short time, there is bowel movement that is often bloody. In a few hours, this develops into a critical state with declining circulation and blood poisoning when bacteria spread from the intestines into the body.

Some may experience a less dramatic course of events, i.e. the blood vessels more gradually become clogged. In such cases, the pain in my stomach could come and go, and the cause can be difficult to prove. However, when one or more blood vessels eventually become completely closed, the disease gets the dramatic sequence as described above.

How is the disease?
This is a disease that requires urgent surgical treatment. At a surgery attempts to restore blood flow to the area that is damaged. If the condition persisted for more than a few hours, there is usually nothing to do but to remove the section of an intestine that has lost blood supply. This is fairly major surgery, and the danger of blood poisoning and congestion of the heart is large. In general, the faster the diagnosis is made and treatment can start, the better the prognosis. However, even with the greatest expertise available, this is an acute disease condition associated with high risk of death, perhaps as much as 50%.

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