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How detectable carotid stenosis?

Carotid stenosis is common incidental findings when the doctor listens to the neck vessels with a stethoscope. The doctor can then listen to "trick" of blood that passes the narrow site. Listening to the neck vessels, however, says little about the extent of the lost no mention, and it may be desirable to do an ultrasound (color Doppler ultrasound) to get a better picture of it.

Other times you get suspected condition only when there is a stroke or repeated drip (TIA) ultrasound of neck vessels as part of the report. Patients with carotid stenosis are at increased risk of stroke shortly after TIA, and should therefore be investigated within a short time (less than two weeks).

Sometimes, usually in advance of the operation, is made ​​known as angiography. This is a survey, taking X-ray film of the neck, while the injected contrast fluid in blood vessels.

Contrast fluid will not pass through X-rays, so that the outline of the neck vessels produced by X-ray film. This makes it easier to judge. How much is narrowing?

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