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Carotid sinus syndrome diagnosis and treatment

How is the diagnosis?
Medical history suggestive of the condition. Your doctor can perform a "massage-test" on the pressure sensors on the neck. If the test triggers an attack of dizziness, cessation of heartbeat for more than 3 seconds and a marked fall in blood pressure, confirmed the diagnosis. Massage-test is not completely harmless, and it is recommended that it be performed by a physician with experience and who have suitable monitoring equipment. If you have narrow neck arteries, may have had a stroke or "mini-stroke" - the test is not performed.

ECG is included in the report. Any other investigations depends on the extent to which the doctor must rule out other diseases.

diagnosis carotid sinus syndrome

Carotid sinus syndrome treatment

What is the treatment?
The goal of treatment is to reduce the risk of recurrence with dizziness and fainting. In most cases, it is enough that you know the condition and avoid situations that may trigger an attack - sudden head movements, strong lateral movements of the neck, tight shirt collar, if necessary. shaving.

There are no medications that provide long-term help for the condition. It very rarely happens that a patient is suffering so bad, that it is necessary to operate a pacemaker.

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