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Burgers disease symptoms

What are the symptoms?
In its early stages, it is common inflammation of the superficial veins from the arms or legs. The signs of these are redness and soreness of the skin over the inflamed vein. These changes usually return within 2-3 weeks, but the skin afterwards we can see increased pigmentation; that is, the darker spots. Because of the mild symptoms are often overlooked condition of both patient and physician.

Later in the course you get symptoms of poor blood circulation, usually in the legs' periodic pain in feet and possible attach the walk is typical. The pain continues when a halt. Other symptoms of poor blood circulation are coldness, pallor, numbness, tingling or burning sensation.

As the disease worsens pain will become more frequent and more prolonged, and eventually you will have pain in the legs even at rest. In severe cases, one can see the wound (which is difficult to grow), and gangrene as a result of poor circulation.

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