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Kawasaki disease prognosis

What is the prognosis?
The condition is most benign and self-limiting, but it can therefore, rarely cause serious heart complications. Without proper treatment occurs aneurysms in 20-25% of cases and myocardial infarction in 1-2%.

At present, treatment with immunoglobulin and ASA, reduced the percentage of aneurysms below 5%.

Kawasaki Syndrome Facts

Febrile illness in children with rash, mucosal changes and lymph node enlargement.

The condition is self-limiting, but untreated it develops in 20-25% bulge in the blood vessels, especially coronary artery to the heart.

The disease affects children aged three months to 12 years, 85% are under five years a . Isolated cases in adults are described.

There are a number of factors that contribute to disease. Indications are that there is an infection that triggers the disease.

Symptoms can vary. It Must have a fever for more than five days, conjunctivitis, rash, changes in the oral mucosa, changes in the hands and feet, lack of effect of antibiotics, lymphadenopathy in the neck (often lacking).
kawasaki disease long term prognosis

Since diagnosis is difficult to ask, many will get antibiotics without help.

The dilemma is the risk of complications and serious sequela.

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