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Acute pulmonary edema

What is an acute pulmonary edema?
Your lungs contain millions of small, elastic lung sacs called alveoli. With every breath, you take, transfer oxygen from the alveoli to the blood and the other way separated carbon dioxide, a waste product from burning out from the blood into exhaled. Normal takes place this exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide without any problems. However, it sometimes causes increased pressure in the arteries in your lungs that liquid seeps out, fill the alveoli and prevent them from taking up oxygen - a condition called pulmonary edema.

In most cases, it is a heart disease that causes pulmonary edema. However, fluid can accumulate in your lungs for other reasons, such as pneumonia, certain toxins or drugs, or if you have acute altitude sickness.

the acute pulmonary edema medications

Acute pulmonary edema is a medical emergency and requires immediate treatment. Although pulmonic edema, sometimes leading to death, so the outlook is often good if you get quick and appropriate treatment for pulmonary edema and for the underlying disease.

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