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Symptoms Of Pericarditis

What are the symptoms of pericarditis?
Acute nonspecific pericarditis can occur without warning, or it can be assumed passed by a respiratory infection. Chest pain is the most frequent symptom and often occurs quite suddenly. The pain is usually intense, sharp and is located centrally or on the left chest. The pain sometimes radiates to the shoulders, neck, back, and possibly to the left arm, and can resemble the pain of acute myocardial infarction.

Typically, pericarditis merten is that it often gets worse when breathing deeply, coughing, swallowing or lying on your back. The pain is often relieved when sitting bent forward. The pain can last from quite a few hours to several days. Fever is often present, and there may be coughing and breathing difficulty.

the symptoms of pericarditis heart disease

In constrictive pericarditis, there is often a history of previous pericarditis, cardiac surgery or radiotherapy. Typical of this condition is increasing breathing difficulty, fatigue and weakness. The patient can tolerate little physical activity and are quickly out of breath with exertion.

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