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Pulmonary embolism prognosis

How are the course and prognosis?
In general, because the disease decided. Any worsening of cor pulmonale depends upon both on how early treatment starts and how effective this is. Complications are right-sided heart failure and right-sided heart attack.

Good treatment of grunnsykom well as the reduction of oxygen is important to avoid further forverrring of secondary pulmonary hypertension. The prognosis depends on the underlying disease. For example, patients with COPD and moderate respiratory prevent a 3-year mortality risk of 50% right-sided heart failure after occurred nine.

the prognosis after pulmonary embolism
In patients who live many years with their basic disease, it may eventually develop cor pulmonale and right-sided heart failure If the patient develops right-sided heart failure, this could be treated on equal terms with left-sided heart failure.

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