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Myocarditis Causes

What causes myocarditis?
It is, in most cases, talk of an immune response during an infection, that is an indirect ( autoimmune ) response to infection. Only in rare cases, it involves the direct spread of viruses and bacteria that cause inflammation of the heart muscle (infection).

In our part of the world occurs heart muscle inflammation usually assuming viral infection in developing countries, both viruses, bacteria, parasites and rheumatic fever cause.

define the Causes of Myocarditis

Inflammation of the heart can cause a clinical picture ranging from acute heart failure to barely noticeable disease - and fortunately, the cases with little disease the most frequent. Apart from serious pump failure, the disease also led to severe arrhythmia of the heart. Acute myocarditis is often completely over, but it may pass into an incurable phase even after the causative agents have disappeared. Chronic myocarditis can lead to enlarged and flabby heart (dilated cardiomyopathy), where the patient develops increasing symptoms of heart failure over several years.

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