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Hyperlipidemia diagnosis

How hyperlipidemia diagnosed?
It is important to clarify whether there is an accumulation of hyperlipidemia in the family. Are there relatives with elevated cholesterol? Are there cases of early heart disease (before age 60 years) in the family? User patient medication that may affect the lipid profile? If there are chronic diseases that may contribute to hyperlipidemia? Since hyperlipidemia is included as one of the several risk factors for heart disease, your doctor will also determine smoking habits, eating habits and alcohol intake.

The study sees the doctor for fat deposits in the eye area and around tendons. In order to assess the patient's overall risk of developing heart disease, your doctor will measure blood pressure, weight, listen to the throat, kidneys and groin arteries; feel for the pulse in the groin and lower legs and work out the relationship between livmål and hip measurement. This should be below 1.0 in males and below 0.9 in women.

the hyperlipidemia diagnosis and treatment guidelines

Measurement of fats in the blood is essential for diagnosis. This means the measurement of total cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol and triglycerides (fasting). The value for the dangerous part of the cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) can be calculated if one knows the values ​​mentioned above. Measurement of blood glucose is done to see if it could be diabetes. The cholesterol of 8 and isolated occurring elevations in triglycerides are taken in addition to glucose metabolism also hormones, liver test, kidney test and urine test strip examined for the presence of proteins (kidney damage). In many cases, your doctor will as well take a heart (ECG) to check for signs of damage of the heart.

How are long-term prospects?
Fat values ​​vary with age and gender. Fats appear to increase by 2-3 mmol / L from 20-30 years of age to 60-70 years of age. Long-term prospects depend on cholesterol levels, but primarily of the total risk of vascular disease of the heart. The complication of hyperlipidemia is heart disease.

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