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Heart disease long term effects

How are long-term prospects?
Heart failure is a serious condition in which it has already caused permanent changes in the heart. Medications used are of great help, and contributes significantly to alleviate symptoms and prolong life.

How good is the prognosis will depend on how severe the heart failure is?

Thorax, normally
Heart failure, severe

long term effects of congenital heart disease

  • Condition in which the heart fails to pump blood around the body strong enough.
  • The most typical problems that arise, shortness of breath, decreased physical performance, lethargy, increased fatigue and decreased appetite.
  • Eventually, it may develop swelling in the legs and elsewhere in the body.
  • Different types of heart disease can cause heart failure, most commonly, post-myocardial infarction.
  • Years of high blood pressure can also be hard on the heart and cause heart failure.
  • Diabetes, infection, and alcohol can also weaken the heart.
  • Self-treatment combined with treatment in general practice or hospital.
  • The aim of treatment is to relieve symptoms, improve quality of life and increase life expectancy.

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