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Diagnosis of pulmonary embolism

How is the diagnosis?
In most cases, you will find an underlying cause of pulmonary hypertension and cor pulmonale. Symptoms will vary with the trigger and will also be different in the acute and chronic course. The diagnosis of cor pulmonale requires the finding of an enlarged right ventricle or increased pressure in lungekarsengen.

Acute illness is illness characterized by severe heart failure. In chronic disease, illness characterized by the underlying disease.

the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism with magnetic resonance angiography

ECG and lung function measurements may be useful in additional studies. The same applies to various types of image studies X-ray of the heart and lungs, echocardiography Schiller NB. , lung scintigraphy, CT and MRI, as well as measurements of blood gases. Cardiac catheterization is the most informative study. In some cases, it is necessary to take tissue samples of lung tissue.

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