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Pain In The Chest Wall

Over half of that seeking medical attention for chest pain, ends up with a diagnosis of chest wall pain. It is a harmless condition caused by tightness in the muscles of the chest wall.

What is chest wall pain?
Chest wall pain or interkostal myalg denotes a state of pain from the muscles (myalgia), which is located between the ribs (intercostal). The pain can be daunting because the patient may fear that the pain stems from the heart or lungs. Complaints often lead to consultations in general practice. The condition is harmless, but it may be useful to study to disprove the suspicion of other diseases.

pain in the chest wall is a symptom of what

It is a very common condition. Study found that the average age of those with this diagnosis was 59 years and 56% were women. Half of those who sought medical attention for chest pain, was diagnosed after careful studying chest wall pain.

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