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Good Medical Schools

Main course on Medical School is due to medicine (anatomy, physiology and pathology) with 30 points, off basic medicinal training and nutrition therapy in addition, school study into diet and nutrition (diet supervisor), preliminary course in anatomy and physiology, and start-up and operation for therapists.

Teaching Methods
The school studies carried out either through online training, classroom sessions, or a combination thereof. Since the start of the school has been the great emphasis on teaching through the Internet. There are many reasons, including that one can study when and where you want, you do not have expenses for travel and accommodation; you can study at their own pace, and last but not least, online teaching is environmentally friendly.

Some subjects, however, works best with a teacher present. Therefore, there will often voluntary or mandatory meetings in addition to teaching online. Many students also work together around the syllabus and assignments.

Online Teaching
In your school going learning and communication with teachers via the Internet. You can access your own password-protected online school, which will act as your "classroom" throughout the study period. There you will have access to articles, tutorials, lecture notes, assignments, discussions, repetitions, internet resources, video and so on.

As your student does one decide for yourself how and when to study and work so it is best for oneself. For that you should be able to get through the curriculum during the study period, follow a set progression, with regular mandatory submission tasks. This schedule is intended as a guide.
Good Medical Schools
If it should become necessary, have the opportunity to take time each topic, and may also extend the period of study (for a fee of 800, - for each semester). There may be restrictions in relation to the extension of studies where there is compulsory collection and / or studies that give credits.

All courses and programs are divided into different numbers of subjects (between 5 and 10). It is usually a written task (directed by the supervisor) and a quiz (corrected automatically) to each topic.

Medical School employs highly qualified tutors to their studies, such as doctors, nurses and other professionals. Teachers with distinctive professional backgrounds contribute to different views on a topic, and is also useful and positive for a creative academic environment.

In studies that provide credit, there are prerequisites (general admission requirements or qualifications).

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