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Argan Oil Uses

Latin name: Argania spinosa.

Common names:
Argan argan oil , gold berbere.

Moisturizing, antioxidant, anti acne (acne traces), anti psoriasis, anti redness, anti aging, muscle relaxant, stabilizes cholesterol.

Suitable for:
Sunburn, skin irritations, psoriasis, dry skin, massage, premature skin aging, skin moisturizing, hair and nails brittle cholesterol.

The argan is one of the herbs and medicines and cosmetics are still little known. Only the almonds in fruits of the tree are used for making oil. The argan tree is a native of Morocco and has been used for centuries by women in the kitchen as Berbers (kernels are roasted before pressing) in cosmetics (amandon cold pressed without roasting).

Argan oil is rich in vitamins and unsaponifiables.

Cosmetics: Oil cosmetic, non-roasted almonds.

It is also rich in essential fatty acid's omega-6; it is very useful thanks to its anti-oxidants to fight against dry skin, slows skin aging, and improves hydration. It is used in massage, for the problems of dry hair and fragile to brittle nails or split.

the argan oil uses cosmetics

Kitchen: Edible oil, roasted almonds.

Its high oleic acid content makes this oil, particularly interesting in the regulation of blood cholesterol. Some studies are underway, and it appears that two tablespoons a day of argan oil food for a month could significantly reduce cholesterol levels.

The negative point about argan oil is that the plant does not contain alpha-linolenic acid. This EGM is as important as others and should be part of the diet. Argan oil cannot be the only oil in your kitchen. It is important to rely on rapeseed oil and / or soybean oil for this acid.

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