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Pharmacy Representative

Pharmacy Representative Description

In a given area, the representative of Pharmacy's mission is to develop requirements for pharmacists and doctors for the products of the pharmaceutical company that employs him. There are more than 58,000 representatives in Canada are many advantages to this profession: flexible hours, high salary, company car and freedom to act important, but it is also a strong pressure from the sales department and a robust competition among pharmaceutical companies. As such, the best way to get a job is networking. In fact, companies use ads only when a word of mouth did not work, and there your chances being eroded sharply: 150 responses to an offer displayed.

Personal skills are more important than the technical knowledge that can be learned during training by the employer.

Pharmacy Representative Main tasks

  • Analyze its territory, the sales volume and business opportunities
  • Develop an action plan and run
  • Present medications, answer objections and questions of the speaker
  • Organize information sessions, develop partnerships
  • Monitor administrative

Pharmacy Representative Degree

A bachelor's degree is required to work as a pharmacy representative, regardless of the subject followed.
Companies prefer the candidate's profile and willingness to learn scientific knowledge.
Obtaining the CCPE (Council for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education), however, is an asset.

Pharmacy Representative Skills

Have an interest in science and the pharmaceutical industry (context, developments, issues)
Master sales techniques in general and those specific to the drug ideally
Have good basic computer
Be bilingual


  • Taste for contact
  • Listening skills and persuasive
  • Tact and diplomacy
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Sense of method and analysis

what is pharmacy representative job description guidelines
Pharmacy Representative Salary

It is known that the pharmacy representative earns a good living from the base salary, the variable premiums, excluding reimbursement of expenses. The starting salary is $ 30 000 and can reach $ 100 000.

Pharmacy Representative Professional development

The representative of the pharmacy after several years of practice may wish to change or to the sale in general - then it will abort the pharmaceutical industry - or remain in the health field to discover new business. It may subsequently become responsible for pharmacy representatives, trainer or recruiter.

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