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Pharmacist research

The code of ethics of pharmacist's states that these last-must "help the development of the profession by sharing their knowledge and experience with other pharmacists and students, through participation in courses and training courses and the work and scientific research in the field of pharmacy. " They can then act as initiators and collaborators on research projects: basic, clinical, evaluative, epidemiological, qualitative, or pharmacon-economic development.

Pharmacist Description

The pharmacist researcher will mainly work on two areas of research: the contribution to drug development and evaluation of care and pharmacy services. It can invest in a pharmaceutical research company, but also within a university, hospital or Institute. He must be able to manage its research as a true mission, and thus ensure its financial, human (nursing assistant, statistician, a clinician) and hardware (computer, communication tools and medical equipment).

Pharmacist Main tasks

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  • Develop a research plan: identify the need or problem, define the objective and the target population, writing the research protocol
  • Apply the research protocol to involve subject's consent, provide the pharmaceutical services, interpret data and analyze results
  • Disseminating research results: how scientific papers, publish and implement the research results
  • Write documentation of adverse events
  • Therapeutic monitoring
Pharmacist Degree

After earning a Bachelor of Pharmacy, the student must choose between:
  • The Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences designed to train students in research
  • The Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences whose purpose is to train independent researchers
Pharmacist Skills

Pharmacist-researcher who is involved in research
  • Know and practice the ethical codes
  • Be able to apply methods of scientific research
Pharmacist-researcher who initiates a search

In addition to the two skills mentioned above, it must:
  • Know and implement the steps that lead to the development of the research plan
  • Be able to present the results of rigorous research by the standards of publication required
  • Acute attention to detail
  • Good communication
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to manage a team
Pharmacist Salary

An assistant researcher in a pharmaceutic company, a biotechnology firm or a university department can start with a salary of $ 40 000. Director's salary in pharmaceutical research in large units may reach $ 150 000 excluding bonuses.

Pharmacist Professional development

A pharmacist researcher can be in his career work on research projects increasingly important and may need to lead teams. Every career requires a mastery of interpersonal skills and management, often requiring follow-up training in these areas.

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