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Treatment of Edema

After identifying the underlying disease, it is possible to determine the most appropriate therapy. Almost always used drugs are diuretics , but the use must be related to underlying disease and not only the need to remove the excess fluid in the tissues. In special cases related to patients refractory to treatment with medications, it is possible to use treatments ultrafiltration extracorporeal blood by means of special machines (similar or identical to those used for dialysis ), and generalized nell edema often should the patient limits the intake of fluids and salt .

Treatment of Edema

In history

The ancient chronicles refer to the disease in many cases and show that this condition is often fatal. Among the most famous historical figures we can remember, among others, the philosopher Heraclitus , the Emperor Trajan , Hadrian , Theodosius I , I Heraclius of Byzantium , Leo III of Byzantium , St. Anthony of Padua , Miguel de Cervantes , the Doge Ludovico Manin , Gustave Courbet , Dante Alighieri , Giovanni Boccaccio , Giacomo Leopardi , the general Napoleon and Marshal Pierre Francois Charles Augereau Duke of Castiglione, Ugo Foscolo , Nostradamus . In the Bible (Luke 14:3) refers to healing by Jesus of a man suffering from dropsy.

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