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Food Allergy Mortality and Morbidity

Food intake can also be fatal in people who have a history of asthma (especially those with poor control of symptoms), previous episodes of anaphylaxis with the incriminated food, lack of recognition of early symptoms of anafillassi and / or delay the use adrenaline.

Adolescents and young adults seem to be the population most at risk.
The mortality of milk intake has increased dramatically in recent years. The foods most frequently implicated are: peanuts, nuts, fish and shellfish, although other foods can cause anaphylaxis.

Food Allergy Mortality mortality rate by age

The most commonly reported symptoms are: itchy oropharynx , angioedema / swelling larynx , stridor , coughing , wheezing , asthma , rash, urticaria and angioedema. The fatal cases have: severe laryngeal edema, bronchospasm irreversible hypotension resist treatments (shock) or a combination of these. But sometimes you may have problems such as nausea , vomiting , diarrhea or constipation, depending on the subject, but also leads to sexual and relationship problems, especially in boys aged between 14 and 21 years.

A survey conducted at the emergency department of Charity Hospital Maggiore of Novara (in the period 1 January 2003-31 December 2006), including hospital admissions for anaphylaxis or food allergy; of 165,120 admissions to intensive care with 6107 cases of reaction suspected allergic; suspected cases of food allergy are: (1.4%) and food allergies (0.8%) cases of anaphylaxis.

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