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Food Allergy: Chemical Allergens

Category: Dyes
Classification E : by E 100 and E 199
Allergens chemical: Quinoline yellow , yellow-orange S , Azorubine , amaranth , erythrosine , Ponceau 4R, patent blue , indigo carmine , brilliant black , red iron oxide , cochineal , tartrazine

Category: Preservatives
Classification E : by E 200 E 299
Allergens chemical: Sorbic acid , sodium benzoate , sodium metabisulfite , sodium nitrate

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Category: Antioxidants
Classification E : by E 300 and E 321
Allergens chemical: Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), propyl-gallate, butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), tocopherol

Category: Flavor enhancers
Classification E : E621
Allergens chemical: Monosodium glutamate

Category: Natural substances
Classification E : Various
Allergens chemical: Salicylic acid , biogenic amines , p-hydroxy-benzoic acid, esters, acids, fragrances

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