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Folder Nursing General Structure

A rational way to address the design of a folder nursing care for a company, be it computer, paper or mixed content provides for the subdivision into two structural "macro areas." The first is a basic / common core, containing four modules (or parts divided, but the folder cannot be separated) whose presence is necessary at all offices:
Personal data form;
Nursing History Form;
Form Care Plan;
Nursing Journal module.

The second macro-area is composed of a variable number of cards. Some of these are common in many situations, such as the registration of vital signs. Many others will be used only.

Occasionally, or even should be designed based on the specific operational context:

For the control of respiratory cards, cards for the determination of the trauma, the water balance cards, cards with instructions for medication, evaluation boards global assistance provided, cards for the transmission of the care plan to other teams, and so on.

Each reality can decide how many and which cards to take, extending and customizing your own folder. The first four modules (Personal details, medical history, nursing care plan, nursing diary), may also be information only, and indeed, it is desirable that they are the computing power offered by the instrument, and will eventually be printed later, to store the folder with all its cards.

An exception is the reality at home, where it is preferable that the diary is printed user to stay at a house, as it should be updated and / or consulted by all the professional care team. During the hospitalization of the user, every single card can be collected in folders or binders common, adapting to the working methods of the department.

It may be used where you need them: around visiting, shopping therapy, the medication cart. They can be left at home user, for example, during intravenous home therapies.

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