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Each operating company should actually elect one or more referents that, even before active as a working group will analyze the forms already in use, assessing the possible non-compliance and / or structural deficiencies, in order to obtain not only an instant as more detailed documentation of their situation, but also a summary of the expectations and suggestions provided by colleagues. In the structural design and drafting, you should observe the following points: Choosing a theoretical model indispensable for a correct formulation of the content, the choice one of many theories of nursing (or nursing ). We can consider, for example, the simplicity "model of nursing care" by Marisa Chanterelle, completeness of the "functional models of health" by Marjory Gordon.

Preference for relevant data limited the information of "data collection" or tracking cards to those who really can affect the care process. The items "hobby" or "Religion," although certainly useful for a holistic understanding of the user, are unlikely to have feedback on nursing care. Likewise, an "emotional state" established at admission: hard to meet someone "Quiet."

Avoid duplication or unnecessary complications. In addition to full name of the user / client / patient and a possible identification number (or date of birth), one should not increase the demand on various boards of compilations that is obvious or duplication that could be made more easily. Simplicity is the prerequisite for reliability. A simple structure is always preferable, because it improves: accessibility, readability, consistency, stability, and functionality.

Do not exceed the single page / screen. It is especially true for add-in cards, but also to the registry or medical history. Having the entire contents of a card at your eyes on a single sheet of paper or on-screen, without having to leaf through other pages or click on the right and left with the mouse, is an incentive to smile.

Set the page with the synthesis and harmony. In the realization of media, whether printed pages or software applications, it is essential structuring a harmonious, orderly and condensed as possible. Every single page has to give the viewer the impression of having "everything under control" at a glance. The ideal would be to turn to graphics professionals.

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