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Conventional Medicine vs Alternative Medicine

Known as conventional Western medicine has made tremendous progress in health. The advent of chemistry at the same time replaced all the natural and traditional methods. Although the chemistry has saved lives and relieved much suffering, the news also shows its limits on public health. The scandals of certain substances, to vaccines killers supposed to protect us, show the disadvantages of the year allopathic.

Conventional Medicine vs Alternative Medicine

The behavior of some medical patricians does not help the image of medicine beset by criticism from increasingly strong and frequent trial. It would, indeed, that medicine is never wrong. But it's a little too quickly forget that it is not an exact science.

The power of pharmaceutical companies (lobbying, economic and financial weight) added to give rise to medical mistrust in a helpless population. The agreement between the pharmaceutical industry and doctors do not fail to raise questions and suspicions.

With the desire to more organic, there is some enthusiasm for natural medicines. These medicines are often ancestral perform as well as conventional medicine.

But the blacklisting of the almost systematic alternative medicine by the authorities to condemn these practices some clandestinely. Even today, a naturopathic doctor or therapist has no right to use certain words without being dragged before the courts. Thus, the health practitioner no doctor has no right to use words that are prohibited: patient, examination, prescription, prescription, diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, cure, potion.

If the philosophy of law on the illegal practice of medicine is primarily to protect the patient against hazardous or dangerous therapies, it can also easily attack a therapist who would exercise his profession seriously, however. This is the sword of Damocles for ever, likely to fall if we shade the local doctor.

This "non-recognition" of being a health practitioner has created two major pitfalls:

It has allowed the development of sectarian entities who saw an opportunity to justify their trade (or trade would be more accurate) by manipulating poor people lost and abandoned. "We allowed the State to exercise is that it is afraid of us and that we are in the truth, follow us, we'll cure you." That's basically the discourse.

By preventing the official recognition, at the same time it prevents candidates therapists to access training recognized by the State (National Education) and have a real degree programs. Today, the diplomas issued by private institutions have no value. The only way degrees are reserved for doctors of medicine (eg acupuncture).

Deprived of this official recognition, therapists operate in a constant balancing act and, if this were not enough, are often suspected of sectarianism. Added to this inquisitorial harassment of Administration and you get a clear picture of the situation faced by hundreds of therapists (I mean seriously who did nothing wrong).

What to Do?

As usual, you have to look across the Atlantic side to get a good idea of ​​the answer. Schools and alternative medicine institutes are recognized by the federal government (U.S. and Canada), if, of course, they meet a rigorous set of specifications. Graduates are listed and are part of a professional organization which is the counterpart of our board of the Association of Physicians. (The National Medical Association founded in 1940 by the Vichy government was dissolved in 1944 and permanently established by ordinance in 1945). Consultations and treatment guidelines issued by them are reimbursed by health insurance in the state in Canada and by many private insurance in Canada and the United States.

Although limited progress is being felt. Some doctors recognize the value of medicines called "parallel" and do not hesitate at times to focus some of their patients at risk of being thrown into the condemnation of their colleagues.

Integrative medicine: a response to a medicine of the XXI century

It is clear that conventional medicine and alternative medicine are complementary. In the U.S. it is called integrative medicine. In the same hospital services coexist conventional medicine and alternative medicine services (yoga, shiatsu, acupuncture, stress management, tai chi, etc.)..

In a folder named "other medicines that work,"Le Point magazine of October 14, 2010 describes the experience of Duke Hospital (North Carolina) that has a real service in Integrative Medicine. Dr. Tracy Gaudet says "it is not because science does not recognize these therapies must be rejected. In Asia, acupuncture has been practiced for 2500 years and it is used for caesarean section."


It was not until the beginning of the twenty-first century to begin to rsentir slight shudder to rehabilitate thousands of years old medicines such as traditional Chinese medicine or Ayurvedic medicine. But rest assured, there are many who still seek to destroy them.

Protect patients from quacks must remain a priority. Protect them from dangerous or inappropriate therapies can only be achieved by a controlled formation, valued and sanctioned real diplomas recognized and listed by the Ministry of Education. A true reflection could be implemented, a global reflection on this issue.

But many members are doctors. An integrative medicine have yet its place in the course of the patient so that it is synonymous with an obstacle course. Working out of this debate is to condemn the medical tourism patients with all the risks involved. therapists (I mean seriously who did nothing wrong).

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