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Causes for Early Menopause

If you're like most women thought that they would never get the time again is welcome though, however, in terms of menopause, it is much more serious than just not have the time. For some, menopause is coming soon. When this happens, it is usually caused by one of the three following reasons whatever the reason, as soon as the mirror normal symptoms of menopause symptoms of menopause.

Premature ovarian failure

causes for early menopause symptoms guidelines
This is one of the most common causes of premature menopause. This is usually caused by an autoimmune disease where the immune system mistakenly attacks itself. Your body believes that the immune system sends antibodies to fight disease, and this issue. In some cases, your body cannot control these antibodies in the genitals. When this happens, it cannot happen soon, because the transitions from the ovaries are badly damaged. If the ovaries are damaged, this means that the ovarian function, and this is the basic definition of menopause, and premature menopause. Although there is no right way to translate, you can take care of your health, do not know what to expect and when studying the family history, whether the presence of an autoimmune disease.


Cutting the genitals can help you with the beginning of menopause. For example, if you have the ovaries removed, it will probably be immediately pushed into early menopause. If you have a full hysterectomy, that is, ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes removed, the experience of premature menopause as well. The main drawback of surgically induced menopause early, it can often be much more powerful than the traditional menopause. This is due to a gradual reduction of hormones in the system and everything that happens immediately.

Even if you are able to keep the ovary a hysterectomy may still be thrown into early menopause. Why is that? This is because the damage is a common ovarian surgery genital. So even if the ovaries remain, it is possible to stop working after the surgery. This also applies to Tubal Ligation, such as surgery may as well send a woman in early menopause.

Chemically induced premature menopause

The last class of premature menopause is a chemically induced menopause. This is followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy, because both could seriously damage the ovaries. Sometimes women experience cessation of menstruation during the chemical treatment itself, but even when menstruation returns to the ovaries are often too damaged to return to fertility many drugs for cancer, particularly breast cancer, block estrogen production, which sends the women to early menopause. Unfortunately, eventually times it is the only way many have the opportunity to become cancer free.

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