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What is the nursing

The Nurse is responsible for the health professional' nursing care.

Nursing care is achieved through specific interventions, and self-complementary nature of intellectual, scientific and technical, managerial, educational and relational. The main responsibilities and activities of the nurse are thus likely to care for sick and disabled people of all ages, disease prevention, health education.

The May 12 International Nurses Day is celebrated in honor of the godmother of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale.

What is the nursing

Nursing is a health profession area of nursing.
The nurse, therefore, plays with professional autonomy activities directed to prevention, care and preservation of health, individual and collective, perform the functions and has its basis:

Professional profile  rules that define the nurse as the only responsible for exercising ' care nursing code of ethics, which is the basis of qualified action, professionalism and respect for individual's training and practical assistance, which enable the exercise of the profession.

The nurse participates in identifying the health needs of the individual and the community, in close collaboration and interaction with the Person and the Family, in order to identify the residual welfare of collaboration at the event.

The nurse from the accurate analysis of data collected shall, for each activity of life \ class needs, nursing diagnosis and formulates its goals, plans, manages and evaluates the nursing care intervention, ensures the correct application of diagnostic- therapeutic work, both individually and in collaboration with another health care and social assistance where necessary the work of support staff. Educate the individual, family and educators responsible for health protection from the students and new hires in accordance with the powers and in accordance with the curricula teaching units. For ethical and professional obligation is committed to your skilled development and provides the knowledge to enrich the cultural baggage of the professional body.

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