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Psoriasis Therapy

Despite the psoriasis is not a curable disease, there are different types of therapy for psoriasis that run in aid to the sick, minimizing their unpleasant effects.

The number of therapies that people with psoriasis can take, is increasing, and each has a particular impact, more or less effective for different cases of the disease and the number of people who are affected.

Among the many therapies, we can distinguish two main groups: the treatment of psoriasis "Local" and the treatment of psoriasis "System."

In the first group, we find all the topical preparations with an emollient for use in areas affected by psoriasis, in addition to lotion's pharmacological remedies.

The second group includes the most comprehensive treatment called "systemic" because they affect the entire body and incisively, but also generating significant side effects.

Among these we include the photochemotherapy, cyclosporin, methotrexate, retinoids and cytostatics. These treatments have a strong impact on the physical and the patient's immune response, resulting in the long term. This is an appropriate constant monitoring by medical specialists.

Recent years have also been developed other products in the treatment of psoriasis, which do not fall into these two broad groups. We find, for example, "biological therapies for psoriasis," which combine a highly effective with fewer side effects than the "systemic therapies" and "natural therapies," linked to spa treatments and special waters, such as the Dead Sea, from the effects strongly antiseptic, regenerative and soothing the itching.
Finally, it is always important to record the effects, both positive and negative, that the use of products, therapies and special diets have on the disease, because, remember, each patient is a case in itself, which responds differently to environmental influences and pharmacological properties.

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