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Nursing in Mental Health

The concept of mental health refers to a condition of normality and / or emotional stability, sentimental, neurobiological, mood, cognitive and behavioral, but it hardly lends itself to a single definition, shared: 's World Health Organization (WHO), there is no "official" definition of the concept of mental health.

Each definition depends on cultural differences, and subjective evaluations by dissimilar theories. Most experts agree, however, that "mental health" on one side and "absence of mental illness," "normal," "social adjustment," "happiness" on the other are not synonyms or concepts directly related: in other words, the absence of mental illness does not necessarily mean the condition of mental health. In this connection, it may be recalled that the WHO definition given of " health "in general:' general:" a state of complete well-being physical, psychological and collective, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity "

According to the dictionary definition Merriam-Webster, mental health is "a state of sentimental and psychological well-being in which the individual can exploit its emotional or cognitive skills, carry out its role within society and respond to daily needs of everyday life. "

Some of the skills requirements of the state of mental health are:

• Establish satisfactory relationships with others and mature
• Participate positively in the changing environment
• Develop their personality by investing their own instinctual drives in social relations
• Resolve their conflicts in a balanced way
• Adapt to external conditions and internal conflicts
• Having a good self-image
• Emotions.

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