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Nurse Philosophers

The science of nursing has been followed and led by various philosophers, including:
Florence Nightingale, he conceived of the need as the need to control environmental factors to ensure the health.

  • Hildegard E. Peaplu, has devised an interpersonal process where both the patient, and the nurse have an equally important role in the interaction therapy, giving as much attention from the psychological aspect of a patient
  • Lydia Hall, said that the need of people skilled nursing care increases as decreases the need for medical care
  • Virginia Henderson says we must help the patient so it becomes self-reliant and understands the mechanisms that make it independent
  • Dorothea Orem, said that the nurse could intervene only in situations where the patient does not know how to manage himself

  • Faye Glenn Abdellah , is based on optimal maintenance of certain aspects and issues
  • Joyce Travelbee , focuses his theory on the human relationship
  • Jean Watson
  • Evelyn Adam , based his theory on the preparation, implementation and evaluation of care plan.

Ernestine Wiedenbach, states that nursing actions should be characterized by solidarity, ability and understanding to a person in need of health care.

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