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Observations : NURSING PROBLEM - Blood glucose levels

Blood glucose levels affect the ability of brains in general functioning. Causes contrast, but include:

  • poorly controlled diabetes mellitus
  • Malnutrition
  • physiological anxiety
  • kidney, liver or pancreatic disease
  • endocrine disorder.
Several patients presenting with a distorted level of consciousness should have his blood sugar monitor to stay out hypoglycemia.

Intervention: Measuring blood sugar

Mr. Ellis measuring blood glucose every x hours.

  • Glucose meter (if available).
  • Not reusable lancing device or lancets.
  • swab. / Cotton ball.
  • Not reusable injection .. tray.
  • Blood Glucose Strips Analysis.
  • Not reusable gloves.
  • Pen and documentation sheets.
  • Prepare equipment.
  • Place the procedure to Mr. Ellis.
  • Ask Mr. Ellis for his hands to wash or to help him to do so.
  • Wash your hands and wearing protective gloves.
  • Select the proper course of action for the finger. Sites should be rotated. Significantly, an insulin or glucose combination is not going on the side chosen for obtaining the lecture while this may be a misleading result.
  • Check the expiration date of the test strips and prepare glucose meter measurements according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Ask Mr. Ellis to hand hold down to get the circulation to the fingers. Using the right tool, prick the side of his finger.
  • Place the lancet in the injection tray for disposal.
  • Right of the drop of blood to the test strip, make sure the blood drop on the strip rather than to smear it on.
  • Pursue the instructions of the manufacturer with an eye on how long to leave the blood on the strip, and using the meter.
Mr. Ellis Assist
  • The gentle pressure on the site, through the cotton or gauze to stop the bleeding and prevent bruising.
  • Read the results of the meter when the meter that the result is to be held, or using a blue-collar technique, the color of the strip to match that on the container after the designated time.
  • Set of sharp objects, take gloves and wash hands.
  • Document observations inform Mr. Ellis of the implication of reading and adapting to a senior colleague of the result date.
Do not use alcohol swabs to clean the patient's finger as it changes the result and can cause cracking of the skin of the patient.

And through one meter, it is important to check for accurateness before use. Mistaken readings may lead to improper management, which can be incurable. It is suggested that quality check are made every day and the first new batch of test strips.

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