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Needle electrodes

Technical aspects of needle electrodes are covered too а different place (Bа rkhaus, 1998 Barkhaus, 2005, Nandedkar, 2001, Nandedkar, 2002). Choose versus monopolar concentric needle electrodes are usually based on teacher education and biases. Some of the historical reasons, is no longer valid, because nearly all laboratory electrodes or disposable type. Both are available in various lengths. In general, often using electrodes of 50 mm both required a deeper, bigger muscle examined in many adults, particularly multifidus with 75 mm in case of need, as in obese patients. In the following discussion, the principles apply to both electrodes covered by concentric and monopolar needle, unless stated otherwise (e.g. potential's burner).

subdermal needle electrodes used
25 mm homocentric needle electrodes (sometimes referred to these as "cheek" concentric needle) are thinner (0.3 mm in diameter) and small absorption of the active area (0.019 mm2) than another standard concentric electrode (i.e. 0, 46 mm in diameter, recording area 0.07 mm2). Thus, their physical properties, such as high strength and reduces the absorption of the surface differs from the typical meter concentric needle electrodes. Real differences in measured MUAP features such as amplitude, duration, complexity, etc. between standard and small concentric needle electrodes linger unsettled. As a general rule, but MUAP amplitudes tend to be higher and may appear "neurogenic," especially in the distal muscles.

Benefits of concentric needle electrodes, with only one place for an active and reference (i.e. burner) recording electrode surfaces. There is also a large base of quantitative data on the characteristics of distinctive MUAP on the muscles of subjects of different age groups. Other electrodiagnostic consultants believe that the monopolar electrode is not as much of the harmful or better tolerated by patients. In our experience, patient tolerance depends mainly on the experience and skill of electrodiagnostic consultant.

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