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Homeopathic globules and cell salts together?

Question of a reader:

I've long been a question that I could not really answer honestly:
Is it really not good at all, homeopathic globules, if necessary, together with Schuessler salts take? My Therapy advised absolutely so, because these two supposedly did not "tolerate" would. Schuessler salts in my book is, however, that this can be supplemented with other drugs.

Thanks for your help!


You can do this even though classical homeopath turn away disgusted.

Even Hahnemann has made as his medical journals in Paris prove it.

But if one is being treated with high potency, I would not "mix".

Man can definitely means "mix":

Example: I like to treat with low potencies.

A mother who had just given birth to her second baby and now suffers from weakness and anemia gets unique: arnica C30.

Then, a week before eating to China D4 convalescence and Ferrum Phos. D6 after eating (cell salts).

I hold nothing but 8 of them means to take the same time, as do some of that. This may not be.

There is a wonderful list, where it say, what resources do not tolerate each other and therefore should not be given in parallel. Unfortunately the name escapes me - it is in my office on the desk

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