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Free Medical Treatment in UK

This morning I was watching a documentary by filmmaker Michael Moore's Sicko. Unlike usual, this time I am very interested in the documentary film on this one, to the extent that almost too late to go to the office. The film contains the comparison between the cost of health care in many countries. That I can see just about health care costs in the UK in Britain, medical costs almost nothing practically none? Yes, it's so true. For British citizens under the age of 16 years and above 60, year is really exempt from all health-related costs or free. Health costs at most apply to citizens aged between 16 to 60 years, because the age range is considered productive age. Outline is, only residents who have income to pay medical expenses. The cost was not at all big.

How big is it only 6.65 pounds, or about $ 10 for each prescription drug that bailed out, and flat rates? In terms of any drugs listed in the recipe, both cold remedies, until a cure for HIV, regardless of the type and quantity, fixed price to be paid 6.65 pounds or about U.S. $ 10 then how about hospitalization? Hospitalization was not charged or free.

Out of curiosity, Michael taking the time to perform a variety of ways to prove the truth of such a treatment system. The interview began at the hospital, and began by interviewing hospital staff. Some of the questions presented to the hospital staff, and trust Michael has begun to awaken.

Interviews and survey results provide the location of the fact that there is no part of billing, payment and administration for such. Administration only intended to record the names of patients and medical history prior to then compiled in the patient's medical record. Too good to be true? It was really the reality.

However, it has not revealed everything you know. Michael went on an interview trip to another part of the hospital. He strongly believed, there must be a place where patients must pay where about? He decided to go to the ER, because of course here the patient must pay a security deposit or something to get treatment.

Interviews again continue with employee resource in the Emergency Unit, which turned out to confront the predictions Michael, because all patients received treatment immediately after entering into the ER. No questions about social card, health insurance cards, and others who had nothing to do with the condition of the patient, who asked to focus on what is suffered by the patient quickly determine the appropriate follow-up. The identity of the patient can be obtained later, because the reality of foreign tourists also got the alike treatment, no question about the cards, passports and more. The point is anyone of his patients, a British citizen or not, will get the same quality service.

If foreign tourists, and how much yeah same, free of charge for treatment, and only U.S. $ 10 for medicine. What if patients have chemotherapy, physiotherapy, dialysis, etc. should cost very expensive in many other countries? Fixed for free, any form of treatment, all free of charge, unless it only loads the one pharmacy that tariffs earlier. Increasingly too good to be true?

ccording to experience, something that is too good to be true is almost impossible, because it usually is proven otherwise. Well, depart from such a mindset, a search for Michael continued. And sure enough, because the trust Michael suddenly shifted slightly. After Michael around, finally found the cashier (cashier). Well, the fact such as this raises fresh doubts, because if it does not have to pay anything for treatment in the hospital (except for drugs that only U.S. $ 10 earlier, and that too directly paid to the pharmacy), then to what is a cashier at the doorway out of the house sick very good question. And this question is directly presented to the cashier staff gave a very surprising answer. What's the answer?

It turns out the cashier function of the exit is to provide transport allowance that may be needed by patients to ensure the patient arrives at its destination, even patients also had a chance-sympathy employee interviewed by the cashier to make sure the patient does have a convenient destination for more help process healing. So the cashier in the hospital rather than as a medium for cash in hospital, but to cash out. It great is not it? To seek treatment rather than shell out even receive money. Am I dreaming or what?

So how this system works why good huh? Institutions in the background that is the NHS, National Health Service, a government-owned institution that was given full authority to ensure the health of British citizens to wake up to the maximum. A resource person in this documentary tells the initial formation of the NHS. In the 1930s, the unemployment rate in the UK reached a very alarming rate.

Surprisingly at the time of World War I and II took place; circa 1941 to 1945, unemployment was reduced so drastically, even close to nil. Why? Because almost all citizens are included as a productive workforce age (categorized as labor force) absorbed in the activities of war, either as military personnel, medical, etc..... Well, when nearly all workers can be absorbed to, a war that, in fact, aimed at eliminating human lives, why not provide employment for the opposite purpose, namely saving lives. This is what underlies the formation of the NHS, which began operations on July 5, 1948.

With the formation of the NHS, proved able to absorb labor, and aim to ensure the health of British citizens are slowly but surely getting materialized. The question again arises is, what to do for such a system can survive? How do I get an almost unattached treatment can provide services with high quality, and patient satisfaction? Because we know that free is usually something that generally has an improvised quality. Ever hear a statement or a question like this, "lha wong kok wanted good games," or "already given for free I still protest?" Even worse is the statement, "it is not clear who paid the quality is, what else is free.

Apparently, the system was made in such a way that even if free, quality health care remains a priority. All employees who work in the NHS and affiliates are British government employees, who receive salaries from the British government A doctor in the NHS has a salary range of 85 thousand pounds per annum (or about 120 thousand U.S. dollars). With this big salary of a doctor who happened to be interviewed by Michael, could have a house worth 550 thousand pounds, a new luxury car output and retirement benefits are more than enough to guarantee his life in the old days.

So what else can guarantee a doctor or NHS staff will provide the best services to patients? Apparently, there is one more variable nature of the salary component, the system may look simple, but its impact extraordinary. Variable component in question, obtained through a calculation based on medical records of patients treated by the employees concerned like what? So every development in the medical records of patients are monitored and documented in accordance with the persons responsible.

More and more patients are successfully cured, the more you stop smoking, and others that led to a healthier; it will be more prosperous doctor / NHS employee, because of the amount recovered, which quit smoking, etc. that is the variable coefficient multiplied with certain values, ​​which become additional income to the doctor / NHS employee. With such systems, physician / staff will consistently strive to provide the best because as a reward behind it. They also get something more. Conversely, patients as well benefit significantly because they will regularly get the optimum service mutually beneficial right.

Then, if the health business cannot become something that is trading in the UK? Equipment can, because there are still a private physician practice and exclusive hospitals with a commercial purpose with a very narrow patient segment. However, what else could a free NHS service has been very satisfactory.

Perhaps, with a system that applied the NHS, the poorest in the UK alone have a chance to live a lot better than America's richest citizens.

Okay, now Michael is believed that all true because it is supported by the fact that is irrefutable, even himself is often ridiculed for asking about the cost on the people she interviewed, as did all their work, no matter who asked it before.

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