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Fasting slows tumor

Malignant tumors, often referred to as cancers are the second most common natural cause of death and despite intensive research. there is still no effective cure promises to heal. It is also well known that fat-,and calorie-rich diet promotes the development of malignant tumors.

Now, however, researchers from Texas, USA achieved much success talking with fasting. In a laboratory, mice treated with drugs were treated cancer trigger before, the researchers have been several fasts and diets tested quickly and has been found that those mice that calorie food had
received far more cancer developed less often, because those mice, the normal or particularly fat and have received high caloric food.

the Fasting Slows Some Cancers
The test series was indeed carried out with skin cancer, but also for most other cancer's validity. A low-calorie food, and diet and fasting to prevent cancer before and thus assist the body in addition to successfully combat the tumor.

The results from the research will hopefully help in the future to defeat cancer successful and better than before, and to provide for those affected or at risk of appropriate nutrition plans.

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