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Arm surgery

Against the unpopular arm surgery

An arm surgery is performed when the tissue is relaxed and thus depends on the upper arm. This can either be a result of the natural aging process, or it may be caused as a result of a large weight loss, when the skin has not produced sufficient returns.

The arm surgery will be performed by an aesthetic plastic surgeon, and therefore, belongs to the realm of so-called cosmetic surgery. The operation can take place either an outpatient under local anesthesia or general anesthesia in a hospital, connected to a one-to four-day stay. Usually it depends on how much tissue is removed and whether both upper arms should be operated simultaneously.

The operative procedure itself is removed by a cut on the inner arm side, the excess skin. In the tissue, drainage is spent, is to hold the wound fluids. Subsequently, the wound is sutured. The entire area is closed off a large area with a pressure bandage.

The association must remain for six to eight weeks on the arm, and the operated area are also regularly checked by a doctor. The drain is usually pulled in about two days. Heavy loads on the arm are to abstain for the first few weeks. Moderate sports, however, is recommended as a prevention of a possible hardening of the scar.

The result of an upper arm lift is usually very good. It should be remembered that the skin will sag again in subsequent years as part of aging. In that situation, it is possible, if desired, to have carried out another operation.

Possible side effects of surgery are mainly wound healing disturbances and infections. Occasionally, it can cause a jam of the lymph fluid. The tissue can produce a feeling of tension, or bleed in the case of excessive load on the arm if necessary.

To smoking should be avoided in the interest of healing until complete healing to the wound. An intensive skin care (cream) is recommended after removal of the association.

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